taking a stand at the olympics

“Fufu & Grits has been extremely helpful in providing design support for Color Of Change. They have been flexible in adapting to Color Of Change’s working style and processes, rather than us having to adapt to them. Additionally, they are great at communicating—asking questions to gain clarity on projects, offering suggestions and solutions when the execution can be better, and open to critiques and edits from our internal team. What I most value from working with them is that they took the time to really understand the Color Of Change brand (and brands within the brand), as well as the different types of projects we do—and their work seamlessly aligns with our own internal design team’s work. They truly feel like an extension of our in-house designers.”

— Katrina Villavicencio, Director of Branding & Design, Color Of Change


Creative Strategy, Social Media


Color Of Change


When the Olympics took place in 2021, we saw a wave of discriminatory policies that attempted to silence Black athletes. Color Of Change, the nation's largest online racial justice organization, led a series of actions to bring this issue to light and combat it by mobilizing those in opposition to the policies. As consultants, we were tasked with designing the supporting materials for this campaign.

phase 1: clarifying goals

We facilitated discovery sessions with the project's leaders to uncover the fundamental goals of the campaign. We aligned on high level messaging and determined the campaign’s desired outcomes and calls to action.

phase 2: research and ideation

We researched which platforms would garner the largest audiences for the initiative, and which calls to action would lead to direct and expedited results. 

We created assets that facilitated direct action and created a sense of community.

phase 3: execution

We worked with the team on a launch plan, and mapped an asset release plan that would garner the most impactful results.