radically changing policing

“When we formed the Grassroots Law Project in the summer of 2020, we had to move fast and meet the moment. We didn’t have the luxury of taking time to think through our full brand identity because we just had to go, go, go! The team at Fufu & Grits played an integral part in our development from the start, embedding with us and leading a thoughtful branding process that kept all the key stakeholders involved all the way. And they did this without stopping or slowing all the important work we were engaged in along the way. We ended up with a beautiful brand that is flexible and scalable.”

— Becky Bond, Advisor, Grassroots Law Project


Brand Identity Design, Website Refresh, Video Production


Grassroots Law Project


The year 2020 was met with unprecedented civil unrest, triggered by the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. All fingers pointed towards an unjust criminal justice system that unfairly targets people of color. Out of the unrest, Grassroots Law Project combined essential organizing and legal expertise to radically change policing in this country. With the momentum of 2020, they had to work backwards to produce a brand that captured their ambition.

phase 1: identifying challenges

We facilitated discovery sessions with the project's leaders to uncover the fundamental goals of the campaign. We aligned on high level messaging and determined the campaign’s desired outcomes and calls to action.

phase 2: ideation and deciding

We created three high-level mood boards (goodmoods) to visually articulate the visions during the previous sessions. This process ensured that we were headed in the right direction for design execution.

phase 3: execution

We then worked with the team on a launch plan, creating every needed asset. Finally, we made a launch video to share the new look and recent successes of the org.


grassroots law project typography


grassroots law project colors