Black creativity is valuable; we create for the brands we admire and make experiences that positively influence culture and society.

We started goodjuju because we felt the creative industry lacked a studio focused on Black culture and meeting the disparities we face.  goodjuju celebrates Black culture as a means to connect what makes us beautiful. We create what we want to see in the world, collaborate with others who want to do the same, and enjoy ourselves while doing it. We use our talent to share human experiences and welcome all that can get behind that. 

With good design and creative thinking, we can further amplify what makes Black culture unique.  

Historically, “juju” is a spiritual term related to cultures and religions stemming from West Africa. Today, the name is commonly used in ways that don't consider the origins, and we're reclaiming the name to represent and connect all that’s good across the diaspora. Over here, we're applying good luck and good spirits to represent our culture; that’s why we only use it as one word, “goodjuju,” so that it’s never misconstrued as something else.


creative strategy

  • Design Sprints for Content & Marketing
  • Research Development
  • Creative Development
  • Brand Strategy & Planning

branding & Design

  • Logo Development
  • Messaging
  • Naming
  • Narrative Development
  • Social Media Design
  • Digital Marketing Design

digital production

  • Video Production
  • Photography Direction
  • Motion Design

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